Our Services:

Digital Asset Management

By Khelp Financial

Diversified Exposure


Coins and Tokens across a range of varying blockchains, platforms, and industry sub-verticals

Yield-Bearing Methodologies (Coming Soon)

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Unrivaled access to Decentralized Finance ("DeFi") solutions generates additional yield for client's assets on various protocols and chains

Personalized Experience

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Our tailored strategy matches clients with various crypto investments ensuring one’s financial goals, tolerance for risk, and  investment time-horizon is properly considered and adaquately serviced


Tailored Advisory

Want to learn more about digital-assets, but don’t know where to start? Looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, but don’t know how? Khelp will help you navigate the uncharted digital-asset landscape, providing each client with the necessary insight and tools for a seamless transition into the innovative and exciting world of digital assets.

Khelp Financial supports customers with tailored guidance, education, and technical expertise on:


Cryptocurrencies and Alternative Tokens

Speak with a Khelp expert to understand the crypto basics.  Our team walks our clients through the fundamentals of investing in digital assets, with the goal in mind of them gaining knowledge to invest on their own.


Payment Networks and Smart Contract Protocols

Khelp compiles the various use cases and differentiated benefits each digital asset platform and exchange offers, making your starting point in crypto seamless and worry-free.


Utility and Value Drivers

The security of our client's funds is a top priority and we are committed to empowering each person to safely secure their own digital assets. Khelp will walk you through how to store your private keys offline using professional-grade and industry-leading hardware wallets.

DeFi Applications and Methedologies

The Decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape is still incredibly novel and widely unchartered. Dive into the various DeFi ecosystems and see their real-world impact, revolutionary innovation, and abundant opportunity, all with the help of a Khelp expert!